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diet_pugI am not a firm believer in diets just to drop weight. I mean, what’s the point if you’re just going to lose the desired weight and then turn around and stuff your face again! You know the type, “Oh, I lost 20 pounds! I have room to cheat from time to time”. Well, unless you’re looking to make a full lifestyle change and include working out and eating in moderation, you’re just putting yourself through a very vicious cycle. I’m just going to say it, it’s just Tarder Sauce!

Well, not to start this second paragraph sounding like a hypocrite, but I DO believe in detoxes, fasts, and cleanses. However you’d like to phrase it, they’re beneficial. Your body sometimes needs to have a reset to cleanse your body of all the junk you normally pile on your plate. This is the third year I have participated in The Daniel Fast, with a friend’s church. Now, this particular fast is more spiritual in nature, as you are avoiding bad foods and nourishing yourself with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, water, juice and nothing else. No sweeteners, no COFFEE (my non-human true love), Not even eggs! It lasts for 21 days and while I can say it’s probably my least favorite 3 weeks out of the Winter, I still look forward to participating, because it’s not just about cleaning out your body, it’s about the mediation and learning more about what your purpose is. While your body “suffers” your spirit thrives and grows!

The most asked question I get from people is, “Are you just going to go nuts and stuff your face with everything you’ve deprived yourself from?” The answer to that is, no. No, I will not turn around and garbage up my body with a bunch of crap foods. Besides, the main things I’ve craved this entire process have been fairly healthy items: a grilled chicken sandwich, my lovely coffee, and at one point, an egg salad sandwich. I WILL admit to wanting to knife my coworker for her leftover pizza while she was warming it up for lunch today, but then sanity kicked in. Most of the things I’ve craved I’ve been able to eat. Oranges, for instance. Yeah, that’s right, oranges; plenty of vitamin C and a citrus delight! During these weeks, I also continued to run and box regularly.

I am finishing off day 18 of the 21 day fast and can definitely admit to getting rather antsy about being reunited with my precious coffee. This entire experience continues to surprise me by how strong and focused I can be. While chatting with my friend earlier today, I started showing signs of fast withdrawals, albeit late in the game. I started describing a beautiful birthday cake we got for one of my boss’ birthday and that I couldn’t have a piece, but that delicious icing just looked heavenly and I yearned for a slice of delicious cake! My friend, Jenn, is not a big cake fan, because of the frosting, so it was a bit of a lost cause. So, I moved on to saying how much I desired to nosh on some adorably perfect macaron. Who wouldn’t want to sink their teeth into a chewy, jam filled delectable colorful little cookie! WHO!? At this point I’m sure she’s convinced I’ve lost it.

Have I been approaching the scale? F YEAH, I have! I know that I will gain some of the weight I’ve lost back after I return to consuming chicken, cheese, beer and what not. However, I’ve also learned that if I want to keep up the good work I’ve already put in, I need to watch WHAT I put in. Cheat days here and there are fine, but I can’t see myself returning to where I began. Once you take the first steps, you cannot go back. That will be my motto. To finish off my very first blog, I have to end with a sage lesson from MoGlo (my momma) “A diet isn’t a quick fix, it should be a lifestyle. You’re eating a certain way to attain goals, why wreck your achievement by falling backwards.”

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