List Of Movies To Watch While Sick

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Dumb Cat licking my sickness away.

Dumb Cat licking my sickness away.

It never fails, I run myself rampant, lose sleep, work crazy hours, hang out with an adorable spawn of a friend and catch Ebola (too soon?) a cold. A cold JUST potent enough to knock me on my bountiful bum and lay me out on my bed/sofa/favorite chair, sounding like across between a miserable little kid and the old lady from Poltergeist, jamming a tissue up at least on nostril. On these days of being an invalid, I like to pass the time away, sleeping, drinking lots of tea and watching movies. Not just any movies. These movies are the best kind of movies; the kind that if you fall asleep at any moment and wake up 20 minutes later, you remember everything. Movies that, if you turned to any of them even midway through on the TV, you would have to stop what you’re doing and finish watching. So, I give to you my list of movies I’m watching while sick and trying desperately to avoid cheese:

The Princess Bride

This is THE ABSOLUTE go to movie when sick. First off, the story is being read to a sick little Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) by Columbo (Peter Falk), has an excellent cast, plot and go to one liners! It’s forever memorable and is great to drift off to the land of Nod without missing too much of a beat. Also, “Anybody want a peanut?”

You’ve Got Mail

It’s the sweetest love story and may be outdated compared to the standards of our technology and social media, so it can be appreciated and combines a twist on “Pride and Prejudice”. Also, Meg Ryan portrays the cutest version of anyone with a bad cold ever. I’d like to think I’m similar, but I know for a fact I look more like an extra out of “Warm Bodies” than a perky little pixie with the power to scrunch her nose just so to make anyone fall in love with.

Never Been Kissed

Probably my favorite Drew Barrymore movie. Nerdy girl goes back to high school to do it all over again and get a good news story out of it. Lots of eye candy to enjoy from Michael Vartan (Hello Nurse!) to a young Jeremy Jordan. Also, the hilarious Molly Shannon, David Arquette and a pre-Talladega Nights John C. Reilly are in it, along with Gary Marshall, who delivers my absolute favorite line of the movie, “Hot wieners here! I got hot wieners!”. Yes, my mind is still a 17 year-old and I don’t care.

Mean Girls

“*cough cough* I’m sick” actually applies to you here and no one will say, “Boo, you whore!”. So many great one liners and actors in this movie that you can use that laughter to cure your cold right up! This is really as far as anyone should go regarding trying to go back to high school.

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

Um, because I said so and because “F**k is the worst word that you can say” Mmm-kayyyy. The ridiculousness of the show in an hour and twenty minute musical just makes for a great movie to zone out to.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It’s John Hughes. It’s Chicago. It’s Classic. I can always relate to poor Cameron. I feel like death and yet someone is always trying to coax me out of my cocoon of down alternative comforters, pillows, my cat and used tissues. It’s a whirlwind of fun that we all wish could happen to us on a day of playing hooky, you know it!

That’s what my fuzzy scrambled egg feeling brain has to muster up for you folks tonight. If you need anything more than that, I say watch Sense and Sensibility. You’ll truly love this classic period piece. Also, marathoning all of the Resident Evil movies will keep you occupied while replacing your nose plug made of tissue. What are some of your favorite movies to watch when sick? Do you watch anything at all or just sleep the world away? I wanna know! Comment below with your recos! Off to dream land, where I will have the most random of visions. Man, I want a cheese pizza right now.

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