List of Random Heather Facts

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At a wedding the band gave me this tambourine and told me I was “In charge of the fun for the night” #NoPressure

So, I tend to be a bit of a “Quirky Girl“, or so I’m told. I see myself simply as a geek. I used to think I was just an awkward geek, but enough people to whom I’ve informed of my awkwardness have told me I’m totally not awkward; I guess I’m just one part of the awkward silence in most conversations I carry with others. So, I don’t know why I started this post out like this and I don’t know why I wanted to share this with you, but I thought it might be about time to reveal a list of random facts about myself.

Why do I want you to know this info about me? Well, I don’t know. May be I thought it might help you better understand my randomness in my writing, but I also hope it encourages you to look inside of yourselves to see what is random about you that sets you apart from anyone else. So, here goes; brace yourselves!

List of Rando (<– Intentional) Facts About Heather:

  1. A friend calls me “Brooey Deschanel“, because he thinks I’m the “brown” Zooey Deschanel, but mostly because I remind him of her character, Jess on one of my favorite shows, “New Girl”. I do not see it.
  2. You know that scene in “Garden State” when Sam shows Andrew how she does something original to feel unique, “even if it’s just a second!”? Yeah, I kind of do that at times, because I’m bored. Sometimes it’s a weird grunty humming of a song I’ve just made up. Sometimes, it’s 10 seconds of silly facial contortions (proof here).
  3. When I’m super excited for food / simply starving, I do a happy dance that is specifically reserved for food arrival / preparation of eating said food, never for anything else.
  4. When I’m really bored and no one is around I sing narrate whatever I’m doing.
  5. I have an extensive library of movie quotes stored in my brain. Don’t ask me why or how; I just do.
  6. I have a freakish talent of memorizing lyrics to most songs after only a few listens. Granted it generally works best if I like the song. I believe I received this talent genetically from MoGlo.
  7. George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, partly because he was awesome, but also because he was Eric Clapton’s bestie and I want to be besties with Eric Clapton.
  8. Bananas make me puke; I think they hate me.
  9. “I Am Awesom-o” is my answer to any drink/food order that requires a name.
  10. Jake Ryan IS my ideal.
  11. My sinuses suck twice a year as we transition from summer to autumn and winter to spring. Because of this, I snore. This may not seem THAT random, but when your roommate sends you a video clip of a hibernating bear snoring and says “this is you.”, you know you have a sitch on your hands. I highly doubt I sound like him.
  12. I have an overwhelming fascination with mens facial hair, mustaches in particular.1013228_10151505969741680_501403478_n1391040_10151641731021680_1748156511_o
  13. I’m related to the “creator(?)” of the Bartlett pear. Yes, be in awe of my presence.
  14. I ran three marathons before realizing that marathons were stupid or I had a screw loose; could totally be both.
  15. I wish there were far more holidays that required costumes, besides Halloween. That being said, I look for any opportunity to dress in costume.
  16. I have a stuffed hedgehog named Leaf Hedger, because I liked the play on words and why has no one else thought of this!
  17. One time, while out to lunch with coworkers, I pointed out that this chick was wearing two completely different socks, then looked down to realize I too made the exact same faux pas. (I put down the stones!)
  18. I’m overly sensitive and often think that inanimate objects have feelings and I’m hurting them. “Sorry for not picking you to wear today, cardigan!”
  19. When I was little, I was so fascinated with blind people and people missing limbs that I would try to see how long I could go without vision or the use of a limb. The downfall – when I tried to walk down the hall with a hat over my face and walked right into a door. MoGlo still doesn’t understand what possessed me to do such a thing.
  20. I have an unhealthy obsession with Chez-Its. I can no longer buy them.
  21. Confirmed by many, I’m a Phenomenal Dancer.
  22. I WILL brake for Chipotle.
  23. Until last year, when I participated in the Tough Mudder, my only fear was failure. Then, THIS happened and I have a new, let’s just call it, appreciation and respect for heights. Trust me, it’s worse in person!
  24. I was once “frisked” by a band of giant Twinkies at Chiditarod.
  25. I kind of sort of have an addiction to solitaire and crosswords, but I can quit at anytime.
  26. My childhood “crush” was MacGuyver, because DUH! Dude could diffuse OR create a bomb with a gum wrapper, a paper clip and a strand of human hair. Always go for the smart guy! Intelligence is SO HOT!
  27. I rarely have my numeric time engraved on my race medals. I usually go for an adjective to describe the type of race it was for me.

    My bursitis inducing 1/2 marathon medal

    My bursitis inducing half marathon medal

  28. I have number dyslexia. You tell me 867-5309, unless I repeat the number back, I’ll have 786-3590.
  29. After running any race, I graze and take a nap. THEN, I wake with the hunger of a thousand starving coyotes, at which point, I annihilate an entire pizza on my own. This was my excitement to go pick up a pizza after running a 10 mile race and shaving 20 FULL MINUTES from my personal best. The following Monday when a running friend asked me what I did over the weekend, I answered,”I ran 10 miles and got a 20 minute PR. Then ate an entire pizza by myself.” I was immediately high fived.
  30. My step dad tells me I have a specific smile dedicated solely to the procurement of ice cream.

So that’s it. Look for more random lists of other things. What are some of the random facts about yourself? I’d love to hear some of them! Make sure to add your tidbits of random factoids in the comments below! What kind of random lists would you like to see on What I Look For In A…? Share! I hear it’s caring. 😉

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