List of the Four C’s

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The Four C'sMost materialistic women know exactly what the Four C’s are the quality rankings of a diamond; Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. I know this, because I have been around enough women who talk about them that I know them by heart. However this is not about diamonds, which I must argue are not a girl’s best friend; certainly not THIS girl anyway. MY Four C’s are far more valuable and especially after going 3 weeks without them, I felt compelled to write of THE most important C’s of all.

Recently, I went through my annual Daniel’s Fast with some church people and it isn’t so much extremely challenging to get through, so much as it can have a three week path littered with temptations. Nothing exactly inappropriate really, but the more people in your life that don’t get what you’re doing or why you’re doing it, the more you’re offered a lovely scotch or someone’s birthday cake. Over the 21 days of eating solely produce, legumes, nuts, whole grains and water, I realized what some of the food priorities in my life were.


i_love_coffeeMy morning ritual was snatched from my grasp all too soon! I didn’t properly wean myself off of coffee, my liquid gold. I cut myself off cold turkey and dreaded those mornings when my roommate would prepare a full pot of coffee as the aroma wafting through the apartment, into my bedroom and crept slowly into my nostrils. The fragrance alone is hypnotic; in fact if it were made into a perfume, I would deeply considering wearing it. It would lift people’s spirits. Who doesn’t need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up without all that crazy caffeine jolt! That forbidden bean held just out of reach for my mind, body and soul to enjoy. And then there’s…


Cheese PleaseAhh, beautiful, wonderful cheese. How do I love thee, let me count the ways. You’re there to make some of the most mundane dishes complete and oh so special. What would macaroni be without you? And the staple that is the sandwich; I mean, you could have a cheeseless sandwich, but why do that to yourself? the melty, high calorie wonderment is what makes you a required part of my life. What did I make for my friend meal post fast? You know it, bacon jalapeño mac and three cheeses. I had a couple of friends over and we went to town. That’s how important cheese is to me. I risked a terrible stomach reaction just to luxuriate in the richest dish I’ve made to date and it was utterly worth it. Want my recipe? Just drop me a line and I MAY just share it with you. Trust me, you want this recipe. 😉


ChickenChicken, yes a prominent fixture in my diet. So simple, so easy to craft into a limitless number of options. Make it with green bean, roast it with garlic, potatoes and carrots. Anyway you make it, it will be delicious (just don’t dry it out). I didn’t think I would miss chicken, but you watch enough people eat wings or a grilled chicken sandwich, you’re taste buds and stomach can take no more. Chicken is such a silly thing to crave, but I once said that if I could eat one meal for the rest of my life and not tire of it, it would include chicken. I know so imaginative, but c’mon, I definitely wouldn’t clog the old arteries with that one, now would I! Now for another magical bean…


chocolate-heartThat beautiful sweet and smooth divine treat. Not a daily dosage necessary, but seeing lovely chocolates splayed across the office I was working in was so arduous, I became a chocolate storing squirrel, hiding little treats in little nooks within my work space until the very day I could be reunited with my one true love. It just understands me like no one ever has and it doesn’t judge me for any of my flaws. That IS true love.

So what if my idea of the Four C’s isn’t color, cut, carat or clarity? Leave that to those obsessed with material possessions. I’m not much of a diamond gal anyway. Don’t get me wrong, food isn’t the only important thing in my life, but these four c’s stuck to me in my 3 week deprivation. What are four C’s for you? Don’t have four C’s? What about D’s or Z’s (Ohhh! Nap!) or P’s. Whateves. What are they? Do you have them? Comment below.

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