List of Things I Wanted to be When I Grew Up

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"Whatcha thinkin' 'bout being when you grow up, Baby Heather?"

“Whatcha thinkin’ ’bout being when you grow up, Baby Heather?”

The other day I was walking along, enjoying the beautiful, crisp autumn day and thought, “Wait! I wonder how many things each adult has ever wanted to be when they grow up and if they are that AND if they are happy doing it!”I’m sure we’ve all changed our minds as to what we wanted to focus our careers on. It’s a pressing question weighed on each of us from an early age, from the fanciful, “I want to be a princess!”, to the more practical, “I want to be a firefighter!” So, I thought about jotting down all of the various professions little me wanted to pursue upon becoming an adult. 

Playboy Bunny

Embarrassingly enough, when I was somewhere between 5 and 7, I thought it would be glamorous to be a Playboy model and a stripper, with the high hopes of being able to buy a black convertible with diamonds encrusted in the paint and peach leather interior. I think the whole wish to be such a person was the fact that they got to dress up as bunnies (which are cute) and dance, which I loved to do! To the relief and delight of MoGlo and my adult self, I quickly outgrew that, ehem, dream.


From third through fifth grade, I was obsessed with ancient Egypt and wanted to become an archeologist, Egyptologist to be specific. I probably still hold the school AND town libraries’ records for number of times all of the books on Egypt were checked out. Maybe I saw the Indiana Jones Trilogy too many times as a kid. That then evolved into a new passion.


Because of my love of archeology, I began digging for artifacts in my school yard at recess. The more visits to The Franklin Institute Science Museum with my dad and little sister or on school field trips, the more I fell in love with geodes, precious and semi-precious stones, and crystals, I began my love of all things rocks. I got into trouble in sixth grade for starting a dig crew and making too big of a hole on school property.


I don’t know what I was thinking, but in middle school I thought I wanted to be an architect and design buildings and create something beautiful and unique. Then, I took my career aptitude test; it said I should be a nurse.


So, when I found out that I “should” be a nurse, I decided, “Why not go for being a doctor!”. Ever since I was a younger kid, when I’d spend the weekends at my aunt’s house, I’d watch the surgery channel. Also, ever since I can remember (I believe it was around age four), my aunt and grandmother often teased me for my expensive taste and would tell me that I better marry a doctor! My retort was always the same, “Why can’t I be the doctor?!”. So, all through the first half of high school I was Hell bent on becoming a surgeon. I aced biology, especially when dissecting various species when other hopeful future doctors were squeamish about the thought. However, when I took chemistry, our teacher gave a stern lecture about if one does not do “well” in her class, then don’t bother pursuing anything medical. I was truly crushed, when I didn’t rise to her standard of what was well. I wish I had stayed my course for becoming a surgeon, but as I was finding out I wasn’t “good enough” to be a doctor, I was beginning to strengthen the creative side of my brain.

Fashion Designer

Although my creative side leaned on the side of writing, crafts and dance, I began to explore design. I started sketching clothing my sophomore year of high school and as I received the blow from my chemistry teacher. I decided, once again to pursue my passion to help create beautiful things. That is what I went to college and received my degree in. Although I continue my attempt to create beautiful things, whether it’s designing and making clothing, styling a loved one, painting, writing, or arranging my or a friend’s apartment, it’s not my actual career in which I’m working.

What I Have Become

Well, while I still love designing, and am always fascinated by my doctor friends’ stories and picking their brains about their most recent surgeries and crazy, random patients, I ended up working in marketing, focusing on social media and strategy. I certainly do enjoy what I do for a living, but that isn’t to say I don’t wonder the, “what if?” quite often. What are some of the things the child you wanted to be when you grew up? I’d love to know! Comment below and don’t worry, I don’t think anything can be as embarrassing as wanting to be a Playboy bunny / stripper.

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