New Beginning

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LavendarAs I trudged home from work, through the falling snow last night, I couldn’t help but hum “Walking in a Winter Wonderland”. I mean where was this weather at Christmas time? It’s like Winter’s last stand before the glorious weather approaches! I can’t help but have Spring on my mind; more so than I normally have in years past. I’m seriously so excited for Spring, and warmth, and sun, fashion, and a new beginning.

It isn’t as if I went through anything so horrid that I can’t deal this past Winter, but I am definitely looking forward to a change in attitude, reasoning of all decision making, and just a refresh at the hum drum, droll life I’ve been just drifting through lately. Heartbreak is another factor, but you can read about that in my previous posts. I think I am just excited to continue in some of the new things I began over the Winter and seeing those results of my choices reflected in Spring. I have signed up for some races with some hefty goals. I also decided to make some life changes this past New Years, and believe me, I do NOT refer to them as resolutions because I don’t rely on them.

Some of my goals for a better Heather, are:

  • Make new female friends, as I have entirely too many guy friends which can hinder some chances of new relationships
  • Go out with friends more often instead of working, working out and going home to be a homebody
  • Try some new things out!
  • Give other guys a chance. May be one of them could be more wonderful than that last guy I was into and could be the right one for me

And that’s it! Easy peasy items that I knew I could achieve. I was already boxing and running (still am!) so I didn’t feel compelled to have any fitness goals, other than keep it up! That being said, I look forward to showing off my accomplishments, including a 17 pound weight loss outcome after hard work and healthier eating. I enjoy being a “free spirit” so to speak in the Spring. Let my hair down, wear pretty dress and breezy shirts. I mean, I know I’m being completely idealistic here, as Spring in Chicago generally starts in May, but I can still be cute indoors, right? PLUS this year’s color of the year is emerald green, um my FAVORITE color! I say this, because this Spring should promise me some amazing green goodies for my closet! Another reason to be ready to rock Spring.

I also felt compelled to write about new beginnings, because I will be turning a whole new decade (GAH! 30) next week and it’s like I’m closing a chapter in my life and starting a new beginning in a decade, I’m told is just way better than the twenties. Well, I’ll just see about that. I don’t really feel any anxiety about turning 30. It IS just a number after all and people still think I’m 26 or younger, so I’ll take it. The day before I turned 25, I had this mini anxiety attack or nervous “breakdown” of sorts, thinking my world was going to crash in on me, because I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life: not married yet, not kids, not where I wanted to be in my career, etc. It wasn’t until my work-friend, Brice, who is a little older than me, chuckled at me and told me to relax as I was still young and had plenty of time to figure it all out. Looking back now, I know I was being just a tad silly. The one thing that is still in the back of my mind is still that significant other.


I’m a big romantic. It’s a little ridiculous how many scenarios run through my head on a daily basis. If you’re familiar with The Mindy Project and how the main character, Mindy verbalizes those romantic fantasies she has in her head, then you kind of know how I often think on the daily, but I’m not obnoxious as her character. I don’t tell people what I’m thinking, but many times wonder, why these romantic, wonderful things don’t happen to me, even if it were a small random gesture. A kiss in the rain, anything. I look forward to meeting the right fella who wants to kiss me in the rain and not worry about getting his hair wet. It rain quite a bit in the Spring. Rain on me, Spring! I’m ready for you! I’ll dance in the outside and jump in your puddles! Wow! I’m good at getting off topic. Anyhoo, I’m really just excited to feeling the possibility of meeting a cool guy who will make me feel all mushy gushy on the inside.

What girl doesn’t want that! I WILL promise to remain grounded though and not wonder why it’s not happening for me this Spring should it not happen. After all, Summertime is always a great time to meet some fellas. I just can’t help but have “Dreams” by The Cranberries in my head often on repeat (yes, the music video is weird).  You know that song? The one at the beginning of “You Got Mail”? It’s just a great tune and gives the romantic some hope.  This song makes me have just the teeniest extra bounce in my step when I have it playing on my iPod, walking down the street. It’s just one of those songs that you can’t really listen to and be in a bad mood. I dare you. TRY IT! You’ll FAIL. You’ll fail SO HARD! Until next time, enjoy your Almost Spring weather and let me know your thoughts!

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