Random chat about Katy Perry’s hair with a friend

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http://cdni.condenast.co.uk/262x393/k_n/katy-perry_glamour_9apr14_getty_b_262x393.jpgWe all have multiple types of friends. Some are the type you can have mature conversations about your plans as an adult. “I just opened a Roth IRA! Best decision ever!”.

“Well, that’s just excellent, Jeremy! Probably some of the best advice I could give a peer.”.

Others are the type you can have discussions about books and perhaps start a book club with. “The protagonist just really upset me in chapter 15! What did you think about that, Jeannine?”, “I have to agree, but I was more shocked at the plot twist in chapter 27, Ruth!”.

And then there are those friends that you can be utterly ridiculous with and talk about the most mundane and trivial things with AND still discuss important life issues, pretending to be the grown up friends from the first example, but much less boring. That’s where, once again my friend “Ifer” comes in. We can talk about the dumbest things. I shared a while back the account of our conversation around dessert. I chatted extensively about the ol’ monthly troll saga. More importantly, I can share with her some important issues like budgeting properly these days, and then in the same breath switch gears to “I need a marg, STAT! Check out this pin of an awesome looking marg on Pinterest!”.

Yesterday, Ifer and I had such a conversation about the MTV Movie Awards. I couldn’t recognize half of the actresses on the red carpet. I don’t live under a rock, so it’s just shocking that I don’t know who these “celebs” are. Actually I pride myself on not knowing actors and actresses names as well as many others do. I have better things to apply my time to, like, which Julep box I want to invest in, if any. So, below you will see how great it is to bounce back and forth between random topics with a friend as could as I have in Ifer. We like to burn through topics, so you’ll notice some “Scandal” season finale spoilers mixed in there, so if you haven’t watched it yet, tread lightly! Also, all typos and grammatical errors are due to fast typing or intentional. 😀

…..Okay GO!…..

Me: Can you please tell me who the F Pia Mia Perez is?
Ifer: am i missing something
Me: Sorry, I’m back looking at the MTV awards best/worst dressed and have no idea who half these women are.
Me: Kat Graham?
Ifer: oh
Me: Bella Thorne?
Me: Pia Mia Perez?
Ifer: you are most definitely asking the wrong person
Me: Or is it Mia Pia? I don’t know
Ifer: i couldn’t possibly have less of an idea haha
Ifer: ive never heard that name in my entire life
Me: Nikki Deloach?
Ifer: negative

….After a tangent on “Game of Thrones” and my favorite recap video, “Gay of Thrones“….

Me: Did you watch the last Scandal?
Ifer: YUS
Me: O
Me: M
Ifer: thoughts thoughts?
Me: So, I cannot believe her dad is pretty much dead
Me: I’m so glad that Jake found out where the bomb was
Me: But, Obvy feel like O’s mom planned it so that her dad would be alone
Me: Also, I know this sounds wrong, but I kind of hope what’s her face gets blowed up
Me: Sally
Me: She cray. You?
Me: Thoughts?
Ifer: OMG i almost forgot about her dad!
Ifer: haha i can take her or leave her
Ifer: i cant believe how dubious cyrus is
Me: I think Cyrus is F’ED up in the head.
Me: YES!
Ifer: i feel really bad for melly? millie?
Me: yeah, but she was going to try and ruin her husband. I’m annoyed as to why she feels she can’t just tell him what happened.
Me: I’m glad Olivia kind of knows now
Ifer: eehhhhhhhhh
Ifer: that doesn’t bother me
Ifer: like
Ifer: that would ruin him his dad already ruined him and does even post death
Ifer: and plus shes a victim and even tried to commit suicide so it doesn’t bother me
Me: But instead of trying to ruin him, she should feel like she can talk to him about it
Ifer: idk i have full sympathy for her
Ifer: getting so much shit for falling for someone who actually loves her and everyones like uh whaaa? meanwhile fitz is banging Olivia for how long now?
Ifer: not cool
Ifer: and being super spiteful about it. at least she was trying to be secretive
Me: yeah
Ifer: i hated her season one but as her story unfolds i like her more and more
Me: http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/1013062/can-conan-obrien-get-50-celebrity-cameos.jhtml#id=1724958
Me: yeah, me too
Me: Duh FUQ is up with Katy Perry’s hair?
Ifer: ugh i cant
Ifer: i cant
Me: You can’t what?
Ifer: deal with kp
Me: ah
Me: yeah, she bothers me
Me: to no end
Me: Thank God I’m not the only one!
Ifer: sometimes i feel like i am the only one
Ifer: so this is nice
Me: YAY!
Ifer: solidarity!
Me: i knew we were friends for a good reason!
Ifer: hahah
Me: excelsior!
Me: We may not always see eye-to-eye on everything, but we do on the important issues, like Katy Perry.
Ifer: exactly. what else matters?

….ANNND Scene…..

Now can someone PLEASE share with us what the EFFF is going on with Katy Perry’s hair?! I’m pretty sure that is NOT a trending hair style. Not that I care what celebrities do with their appearance, but let’s not look sloppy with slime green colored hair and 4″ black roots. Let’s look like we’re supposed to be grown ups. JEEEZE!

Anyhoo. Have a comment, thought provoking hypothesis, or opinion on KP’s hair or our random discussion? Hit it at the bottom, yo! Until next time, “EXCELSIOR!”

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