Sleep Deprived Chuckle

Sharing is Caring...Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+0Pin on Pinterest0Share on Tumblr0Email this to someonePrint this page recent weeks, I have unfortunately been hit with insomnia and stressful workloads. This has kept me from working out regularly. Thankfully, the time I was too busy with work was the time my running coach was out of the country, which meant NO 5:00am TRACK WORKOUTS! I’d like to say I felt like I was missing out, but I also craved additional sleep to keep up with my demanding fourth quarter workload. Anyway, my coach is back and the weather here, in lovely Chicago has not been exactly kind, also, let’s not forget about my sleep deprivation. I also started to become under the weather as well as getting shoulder tension from being so stressed and not getting enough of one of my favorite things; sleep, precious – precious sleep.

Let’s look at a few symptoms that creep upon us as we become more and more deprived of valuable sleep: delirium, dementia, overdosing on caffeine, things that are generally benign or all out not funny become hilarious. I witnessed this in my own co-worker, as he began to crack himself up over the Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet, he lovingly named “Lil Wayne, the vegetarian dinosaur” and provided a back-story for. When Heather becomes sleep deprived, for a while she becomes similar to her co-worker, but is more humorous to everyone else around her, because it’s apparently similar to “drunk” Heather. However, I was at the point of grumpy, “I need a nap and nothing else will appease me” mode at 6:30pm on this day and could only give my coworker the grumpy Leslie Knope face with much disdain as he continued to chuckle and giggle with even more delirious content. Everyone else looked at him the same way I was, but he just couldn’t stop his downward spiral. It was the very next day that I read this article on Mashable on what lack of sleep does to your brain! That being said, I give to you my list of things that are funny or just amplified in humor when you’re sleep deprived.

— Update—
So, I started this post a few months ago. Yep, that’s how rag-tag busy I’ve been. In the last several weeks, I’ve been without running water for 13 days, moved to a new, fantastic apartment, ran a 1/2 marathon in terribly freezing conditions, congratulated several friends for popping out spawn, and continued to be only slightly less sleep deprived. So, please enjoy this list of random chuckles without further delay:

My friend, Amanda shared this:

I cannot tell you how much I laughed upon watching this. I cried. Yes, but would I laugh that hard when my tank was full on sleep? Possibly, but most likely not. You be the judge. I do regret the frame used for the video.

Of course random Oatmeal comics that are just a bit too pervasive to be all THAT funny are hilarious when you’re a sleep zombie. Now, don’t me wrong. I LOVE The Oatmeal, but sometimes, I think “eh. Really?”

Of course, there are those times that a random thought will just pop into your head and you begin to crack up out of nowhere. Of course, this almost ALWAYS happens when you’re NOT alone and plenty of people are nearby and wondering if they should have the looney bin on speed dial.

And, absolutely ANYTHING involving an animal is going to make anyone lose their barely clinging on for dear life cool. I laughed my bum off for several minutes over a link of cats obsessing over random inanimate objects.  (#25 is still my favorite.)

And finally, I cannot help but to have a hysterical giggle break when I’ve done something completely foolish whilst sleep deprived, like make up new words. The other day I went to jokingly call my roommate a creep but the name Quagmire was also in my head, so “Queed” came out of my mouth. There’s more where that came from, but that’s the most recent one (last week) that I can even begin to remember!

What are some things you only find humorous when sleep deprived? Are there silly things that you happen to do when sleep deprived? Comment below to share

Also, remember, being sleep deprived is NOT healthy. Do your best to get adequate sleep! I’m one who thrives on 8 or more hours of sleep, so for me, “only” getting 7 hours is almost as bad as not getting any sleep. And trust me, I’ve gone many a night in the past few months with 4 or less hours of sleep.

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