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Sharing is Caring...Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+0Pin on Pinterest0Share on Tumblr0Email this to someonePrint this page, I think the last time I was nominated for an award was my senior year of high school for the Universal Dance Association’s (UDA) All American award in dance at poms camp. Yes, that’s a real thing, DON’T JUDGE! It encompassed quickly learning your moves, doing them well, and being helpful to your teammates in learning said moves. Once nominated you had to create a dance that was two 8-counts long. You had two days to do it. I did not make it all the way through, but I COULD have gone to Hawaii to train and then perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Whateves. It would have been fun, but after watching the parade that year, I was convinced I didn’t want to learn and perform that dance. It seemed more “cheerleady” than I’d like to be involved in.

The point is, that I was over-the-moon honored that I was even nominated! It totally beats winning the class Teacher’s Pet award, in 6th grade. I was the only one who didn’t vote for me. What’s up with that! Anyway, let’s flash forward 12 years to now. My Blog/Twitter/ Runner friend, Nicole of Not Before My Tea nominated me for the Sunshine Award. I have no idea what that means, other than I bring some ray of sunshine to someone with my word vomit. I’ve never even been a morning person! All through high school, MoGlo (My momma) had to rip the covers off of me, to which I’d curl into the fetal position and whine asking why she hated me so much, then she proceeded to grab me by my legs and pull me halfway off the bed, so I’d HAVE to get up and ready for school. She worried I would potentially fail out of college, because she wouldn’t be there to pull me out of bed (Yeah LITERALLY). Wait! Where am I ? I have no idea why/how I sedgewayed into THAT! I guess it’s a way to reflect my lack of sunniness, but mostly in the morning, pre-coffee.

Oh YES! Sunshine Noms. When Nicole tweeted me about this award, I was like, “Did I sell the most Samoas to earn this badge? I’m confused.” However, I didn’t even know these types of blog awards existed and I’m honored and chuffed to bites to be even thought of for such a thingy. So without further ado and bunny holes, here goes:

Zee Sunshine Rules:

  1. Include the sunshine logo in your blog
  2. Answer the following ten questions
  3. Nominate 10 bloggers that add a touch of sunshine to your day!

Ten Things About Yours Truly:

#1 What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Excellent question! I’m a wee bit boring “Crazy” daredevil. I guess participating in the Tough Mudder in Wisconsin last year, and jumping off a 30 ft drop into a very deep, murky water hole. I resurfaced with a new fear of heights and downing.

Also, I’ve had 4 shots of Malort in one evening and proceeded to “Bo Duke” it into my buddy, Anton’s car. I do NOT recommend that – EVER.

#2 Hot Weather or Cold Weather?

Cold Weather Baby! (Despite my low blood-pressure dropping induced uncontrollable, intense shivering from cold) You can run better, You can wear hoodies, and sweaters; hot chocolate is always an acceptable beverage choice! Also, it’s both football and basketball season!

#3 Wine or Beer?

Sha! BEER me!

#4 What do you do when you first wake up in the morning?

I tend to immediately go back to sleep for a five, or a ten, or a fifteen. Then I go straight to the shower – NO TALKING to me until I’ve had my shower, or you’ll just get stares, mumbles, half-words and gibberish.

#5 What is Your Favorite Part About the City You Live In?

That there’s about EVERYTHING at your disposal. Historical sites. AWESOME food. Fairly cool peeps.

#6 What’s One Thing That Can Brighten Your Day?


#7 What Book Can You Read Over and Over Again?

Mansfield Park. It’s sad how much I feel like I can relate to Fanny.

#8 Have You Met Anyone Famous?

I’ve been in the same room as my Celeb Dreamboat Crush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I got this close to him AND I SWEAR we made eye contact!

I got this close to him AND I SWEAR we made eye contact!

I’ve also met Wayne Newton, Kelis, and India Arie. Also, I’ve partied with a Chicago Bear or five in my day.

#9 What’s Your Worst Habit?

Over-thinking what I think people are thinking. THINK (I just wanted to type it again)

#10 What’s the Best Halloween Costume You’ve Ever Worn?

Well, that’s tough; I pride myself on making my own costume every year. I guess it’s between my  Mad Hatter costume from 2007 and peacock costume from last year. So you tell me!

226210_6922456679_3788_n Peacock

Other Bloggers I’d Nominate:

Who would you Nominate? Leave a  comment if you want to! Happy Friday!

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