Valentine’s Day

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So, February 14th has always been a very important day for me. Not because of the obvy Hallmark incentivized “holiday” that people make out of it. It’s because it’s the birthday of my favorite person on the planet, my Gram Gram! She is the coolest lady ever and we’re like two peas in a pod. As far as  I can remember, MoGlo (my momma) and I would do something special for Gram Gram. One year we made this giant heart shaped birthday cake with pink frosting and message hearts sprinkled all over it and surprised her with it. She loved it and we loved surprising her with fun gifts.

20460_223695756679_2653462_nNow, don’t get me wrong, I am probably one of the first people to say YES to candy and flowers, and I loved when my parents would give me Valentine’s on V Day. I just never thought the whole idea of expressing your romantic love for someone on one specific day was ever very realistic or sentimental. I’ve just always been the type of girl who would love it if a fella gave me peonies, or daisies (two of my favorite flowers) on a random day of the week, without having that expectation on him. I’d be more enamored by his unexpected attempt to be sweet and thoughtful to me than if he got me a gross of red roses, which I hate by the way.

It’s always the unexpected and the spontaneous that is appreciated in a loved one. Taking that pressure off of someone makes things so much better. Let me also just say, LADIES, while you’re expecting your man to just sweep you off your feet with a forced romantic gesture every year, how much effort are you putting into making similar acts of love for him? I mean, that’s the other problem! We’ve grown up in a society that expects a man to jump through hoops to keep their ladies happy, but women don’t quite attempt to reflect the same appreciation to their male counterparts. Slipping into lingerie does NOT count. That’s a cop out! Why not do something romantic that he would appreciate? I just think gestures of grandeur are not necessary to show you love someone! Make his favorite dinner. Get tickets to go see his favorite hockey team or band play!

Now, do NOT do these things ON Valentine’s Day! Be random and impulsive! To me, staying in and watching a movie or your favorite TV shows should be the way to “celebrate” V Day. I’m speaking as a currently single lady, but I’d prefer the special time just hanging out with my fella than having to go to a restaurant that’s filled with reservations and everyone is just forcing the romance, blah blah blah. You catch my drift and I know I’m not the only who feels this way. OH! And one more thing!  STOP PROPOSING ON VALENTINE’S DAY! That is THE MOST unromantic thing EVER! I’d rather have someone pop the Q while in a photo booth or during a coffee date on a rainy day, then have someone propose to me on Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or my birthday. I mean COME…. ON! That is not a present, that’s just being lazy. Okay I’ll stop now.


For the record, I’m a very romantic person, I just appreciate it differently than most people do. The ranting brings me to this statement for all of you lovely singles out there. Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down! You don’t have to torture yourself with the fact that you don’t have a valentine or go to a “F Valentine’s Day” party to feel better about yourself. Just treat it like any other day. Celebrate being you and appreciating yourself for it. In FACT Today is Being In Love with Myself Day! And why shouldn’t it be? After all, you cannot love someone else until you learn to accept and love yourself for who you are. Get yourself some flowers! I know I love to buy myself flowers from time to time, because you know what, if I waited for someone else to think of it, I’d never get to enjoy them! Periodically treat yourself to something that makes you smile! If you can’t smile alone, how will you be able to let other make you smile. Often times I catch myself smiling or giggling about something all by myself. I’ll admit, sometimes others catch me doing this and wonder what’s wrong with me, but that’s another post all together.

Just remember this children, Be happy in your own skin, Be YOURS for V-Day and Be Spontaneous instead of a cookie cutter out of the box kind of romantic! Oh! Happy 78th Birthday Gram Gram, you crazy, kookie lady!

My Gram age 23

My Gram age 23

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