Free Victoria’s Secret Event

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ChocolatesSo, this past week I received an invite from Victoria’s Secret for a private event on Sunday, with free express manicures, chocolate tasting and raffle prizes! I automatically asked my friend, Jenn from Your Average Go, if she would like to go. We were both pretty pumped about the free express manis. I mean, our nails were looking a little rough and who doesn’t like to have their nails done for free!

We got to the Michigan Ave. Flagship store, received our raffle tickets, then set out on our quest to find new unmentionables and the manicurists. The manicurists were nowhere to be seen. They were replaced with makeup artists and fragrance “specialists”, which was fine, if you need help with that or like having someone do your makeup. We were both a little bummed, but made the most of the FREE VOSGES chocolates and shopping for some new items.


My free box of Vosges chocolates courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

All in all, we had fun. There was a DJ and we didn’t win any of the raffle prizes, but both scored a free box of Vosges chocolates with our purchases! I think what I mostly expect in a free event is being able to enjoy hanging out with a friend and having fun. Personally though, I’m slightly obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret swimwear and with all of the working out I’ve been doing, I’m ready to start delving back into “What swim suit will I be rocking this summer?” mode. I’ve been really proud of myself for sticking to my regimen of boxing 2-3 times a week and running regularly while training for my spring races.

I tried on a few swim suits, that I had saved on my VS wish list, to see how the fit would be and to see if I was ready to go down that road. I took photos of myself in the ones I tried on, to see how I really looked in them and could remember the fit and see how much more work I felt I needed to do before I was ready to be seen in public sporting a swim suit. Not quite ready, but it felt good to not be spilling out of it!

We were not raffle winners, but we scored free chocolate.

Let me get back on topic. I was pretty disappointed to not have the manicurists at the event and I wasn’t sure why I had to rsvp to the event, since they took in every random who walked through the doors, lowering our chances of winning one of the sweet raffle prizes. However, I don’t want to come across as a spoiled brat, because what should I expect out of a free event! They were very great with getting us into fitting rooms with the least amount of waiting. PLUS, the person who took us to the fitting rooms that had a zero wait time also¬† referred us to the concierge so we didn’t have to wait in line to check out. That in and of itself was a pretty great perk. I’m not a super patient person, so I appreciate it when someone values my time and helps me save it.

Overall, the experience was good. I mean, we both ended up buying stuff, so they succeeded in pulling business right before V-Day. Speaking of the dreaded day filled with forced hearts, kisses, flowers, and candy, stay tuned for my Valentine’s Day / Being in love with myself Day tomorrow.

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