New Horizon – Summer 2013

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20130517_154912I’m broadening my horizons. I’m making myself try out new things, be more open and adventurous. I’ve been slightly sluggish at starting the process. What can I say, old habits die hard? I wasn’t always so outgoing and extroverted. I was a shy, little mouse as a kid and didn’t really truly open up personality-wise around new people until I left for college. Even with my outgoing, “congenial” personality in full bloom since college, I tend to be slightly apprehensive to try new things or unlatch my trust in new people or adventures. So, I’m challenging myself to get out there and do new things. Boxing was a new thing, I started, motivated by anger to finally take the plunge, but now I’m elated for the minerals I had to go for it. Please keep in mind, I’m basically paraphrasing these adventures, so PLEASE stay tuned to read more about the experience recap. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How will I approach these new adventures? Well, I’m glad you didn’t actually ask, but I’ll pretend you did, because you don’t actually get to ask me questions. *Wink* First off, my friend, recently dubbed Ifer by yours truly, asked me to sign up for her next blog adventure. I was like, “Sure. Uh, what is it?” Her exact reply was, “I love that you said yes before even knowing what the adventure was!” I’m just glad she didn’t say, “We’re going cliff diving!” Instead, we’re taking a foodie adventure, through The Lean Green Bean, (don’t you just DIG that blog name! I LOVE IT!) It’s called Foodie Pen Pals. What a cool idea, right?! So the concept is pretty basic, you sign up by 9:00pm EST on the 4th of the month. You’re then assigned your pen pals on the 5th of the month. You’re matched with a sender and a separate receiver. You then have 72 hours to contact the pen pals to find out and dietary restrictions, allergies, or straight up food aversions. Oh! My sender asked me what I loved. I had to make sure to hold back that I LOVE chocolate, Chocolate, CHOCOLATE. Once, you hear back from your peeps, the fun begins, you have a $15 limit and until the 15th of the month to send out the box of delicious goodies to your pen pal. Once you receive you delectable NOMS, you get to try out things you may have never thought to try before! On reveal day, if you’re a blogger, you get to post about what you received and your thoughts, etc. You can also tweet your posts, with images of your box-o-goodies. I’m starting out a bit slowly here, bare with me. ๐Ÿ˜€

What’s next on zee docket? Well, I’m going to see how many of these “60 Things You Absolutely Have to do this Summer” list shared by BuzzFeed today. I want to see if I can do all of them and blog about them. I especially look forward to trying out that waffle ice cream sandwich! I PROMISE that not all of my adventures will involve food, but perhaps I shouldn’t write this while hungry! Whoops.

I’rockin-combom going to try new fashions, that I may not normally go for. No, I don’t mean in the style of a trollop, but definitely ensembles that I may have overlooked because I thought it wasn’t me. Here’s an example of an outfit that I randomly put together and kind of fell in love with (so did the associates, as they had yet to see anyone put the combo together), I can’t wait to wear and proudly rock it around Zee Chire.ย Sans my Smartwool socks of course and much less bloated or blurry. ha! I’ve worked hard all winter and spring to get back into an acceptable shape to run faster and look better. I’m going to fully embrace that thought and feel fantastic in my bikini as I do harm and bronzify my body at the beach with Ifer and potentially some booze. We’ll have to see if that’s an adventure we’re willing to take to the beach while bronzing and blogging.

I’m starting to let my friends set me up with some fellas. Potentially on tap is a handsome beau who seemed rather nice, when I met him at a birthday party. We’ll see how that interaction fleshes out, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right! Word on the street is that he’s super shy, which is cool, but hopefully he doesn’t clam up in all situations! As may come to very little surprise to anyone, there are a lot of fellas at the boxing gym I attend. Oddly enough they’re still outnumbered by the number of ladies. Anyhoo, I’m warming up to the idea of talking to more people the more I attend classes. Some of the guys are more welcoming towards me than when I started and, on occasion, some are flirtatious with me, but I’m letting them and I’m not clamming up. Something OR nothing may come from either sitch, but at least it’s a step and I’m okay with that.

I also plan to visit some friends across the country. One stop is seeing my friend Kristi in Austin, TX. Um, that’s right! I’m going to TEXAS in the SUMMER! The only thought in my brain about this is Yosemite Sam circa “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” yelling “My biscuits are burnin’“. I’m sure we’ll go running and hang out at her husband’s family ranch, and spot some snakes, and have such fun doing so, but I’ll still be thinking about my burnin’ biscuits.

These adventures may not seem like any big deal, but who knows what else is out there for me to try out! Maybe I’ll finally commit myself to go skydiving, perhaps not, but that’s the fun about adventures!

I’d love to hear your opinion. Have an idea for a summer adventure that you’d like me to try out and blog about? Comment below and I’ll definitely let it whirl around in my noggin for consideration! Also on the Horizon you can look forward to reading WILFIA Simple Summer Beauty Kit, WILFIA Summer Style, and WLFIA #FoodiesPenPals Reveal Day.

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