Random List of Fall Bliss

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679844_10151104821396680_434239825_oFall is probably the majority of the human population’s favorite season (obviously, I have not taken a poll on this). There is just something so great about it. Although, the temperature drops and the summertime fun is over, people still seem to enjoy having autumn fun. So, in continuing with my random lists, here are some of my and many others’ favorite things about Autumn!

Random List of Fall Bliss

  1. Hood Life! Yeah, I said it! hoodies are the most comfortable upper body attire on the planet and they come is so many sizes, colors, materials, and styles! From Sweater material to regular fleece, and from the motorcycle zip up jacket styling to soft and lightweight materials with thumb holes and high neck to stay cozy, hoodies are the most magical thing of all fall clothing. If you need any more reasons, here you go.
  2. Boots. It seems like everyone has to get new boots every fall, but the fun fact is prancing around the outdoors in your boots and staying warm, dry, and toasty makes “dealing” with the chill a tad more acceptable.
  3. Layers! Whether it’s a seven layer dip for a football party or multi-layer outfits, layers are AWESOME! Which leads me to the next…
  4. FOOTBALL!! Um, I look forward to College football season with GUSTO every single fall. Although, it technically begins when it’s still summertime, we all know it’s truly fall again once our favorite teams are working themselves up and down that AstroTurf! Also, who doesn’t love playing touch/flag football out in the leaves and hoodies with friends. It’s kind of the best.


    Post-victory celebratory shot with my buddy, Mark and Brutus!

  5. H-Ween. It’s the first “holiday” before the holidays truly drown us in parties, gift purchases and overeating. This is the first one that you get to dress up as someone else, not as a fancy version of yourself. And instead of large feasts of turkey, ham, turducken, what have you, you feast on CANDY.


    Posing with my buddy, Rochelle!

  6. Tanksgibing. Thanksgiving is a great holiday and not because of the lovely feast you get to gorge yourself on, but the fact that you can be with your family and reflect, once again, on all of the things you’re so very thankful for in your life. I love it! If only we reflected on what/who we’re thankful for more than just once a year.
  7. Photo on 4-19-13 at 11.38 AM #2Warm Bevvies. So, most of ‘Murica drinks coffee or tea throughout the year. Hey, I rely on coffee to fuel my brain activity 365/a year. It’s brown gold, folks. However, most do not think of our friends, Hot Cocoa, hot apple cider, or specialty mochas and lattes until that pumpkin latte season hits. So, go ahead, cup those chilly hands around that warm liquid goodness!
  8. Colorful, Crunchy Leaves. It’s truly a sad time to see bare skeleton trees throughout winter, unless veiled with a layer of snow, but just before our beloved trees molt their leaves, we get to witness one of the most beautiful things in nature; the leaves turning color. From vibrant red to chocolate brown, the beautiful array of the fall rainbow dazzles before our eyes. Then, they fall to the ground and make the lovely crunching sound beneath our every step we make. And then there’s the aroma the leaves give off that just fills the chilly fall air! It’s a wonderful experience for the eyes, ears, and nose that just never gets old!
  9. Wood Burning Fireplaces. I don’t know what it is about wood burning fireplaces, but I just love them! The fragrance of the wood burning in the air while walking outside somehow makes me feel cozy and warm. Now, sitting in front of a fireplace is just as great! The flames entrance you into a state of slumber and it’s just very calming.
  10. Hayrides and Apple Picking. I didn’t really grow up doing things like picking apples and riding in beds filled with bails of hay, pulled by tractors in New Jersey. It wasn’t until I moved to the South Bend area at age 12 that I discovered the fun of hay rides. Yes, may seem silly, but it’s kind of fun and if done at night, it’s a great opportunity to star gaze. The fall night sky is beautiful, especially in suburban and rural areas, where you have the advantage of almost pitch black sky glimmering with shining stars! I can always pin point Orion’s belt this time of year, as it becomes clearer closer to January. And apple picking, well, if you like trees as much as I do AND baking, it’s a pretty fun time. Also, you get to eat the apples you pick. Which leads us to the next one…
  11. Baking. So, no one wants to deal with a hot oven in the Summer, so most baking comes to a halt, as we turn to ice cream, jell-o, fruit and the what not to satisfy our sweet tooth.

    My first pie without help!

    When the weather starts to bring in the cooler air, that’s when I like to put my oven mits back on! Pies, and cookies, and cakes. OH MY! I’m one of those weirdos, who will hoard new recipes I find in the summer, to test them out come fall. Not to say you can’t still enjoy fruit, but why not bake it into a delicious warm treat for that added comfort!

  12. Running. Fall is the BEST time of year for running. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s simply perfect, temperate weather for the average runner, or at least to me. Living in “Zee Chire” we must take full advantage of these few days of perfect weather before the freezing winds and black ice of Chicago take effect and we have to bundle and pray for the best when it comes to keeping our footing! So, my fellow runners, please cherish this time of good weather while we have it!
  13. Cuddling. Whether with a pet, a good book, a cup of tea, or a significant other, cuddling is so fantastic. The prime time for cuddling, in my opinion is fall through winter. Spring and summer are simply too warm to deal with hot tea or another person’s body heat making you all sweaty, so enjoy the snuggle-fest while the temperatures call for it!http://favim.com/orig/201109/04/cat-cuddle-weather-cuddling-rain-Favim.com-137745.jpg
  14. Daylight Savings Time. This is a trivial item for the list, but who doesn’t love that one day a year we get that extra hour of sleep/work/fun – however you decide to enjoy it!
  15. Movember. As many of my friends know, I have a huge fascination with mustaches and beards. So, of course the brains behind Movember have a small piece of my heart. For three years in a row now, I have organized a Mustache Must-Dash, where I offer every one who attends a false mustache to run in for the evening. We then make our way to an area bar and enjoy food and drink. It has grown little by little each year! This year was the first year that I was able to actually collect donations to send into Movember, which was all I was hoping to do to help! I only hope we’re able to send in more money next year!


    Mustachioed with my buddy, Kathy

That’s just my short list of fall bliss. What are some of your favorite things about fall? Please feel free to comment below with your favorite things! Now, to get started on the awesome things about winter; I’m pretty sure it will be a MUCH shorter list

Also, if you’re interested in more information about or helping with the Movember project, check out their website for more information / to donate!

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