Spring Time Allergy Induced Head Cold

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235_13987476679_5597_nSo this is late in the week, or maybe it’s early, but I about 85% miserable this past week. I went for a leisurely run last Saturday and had to cut it short because I couldn’t breathe no good. I blame those stupid white fluffy thingies floating all over the place! I hatefully call the Albino Brain Chiggers and there seems to be a high concentration of those buggers in Chicago this year! So, I headed home, showered up, got ready for the rest of the day and hit the pavement, wild wavy tresses in tow, struttin’ away to my playlist to run some errands. By the time I returned home that evening, I had such a pressure headache, I just laid on the couch with a tissue stuffed up my left nostril to absorb the juices leaking from it.

I had ended up with a maj case of the dreaded post nasal drip monster! I’m usually not set aback from having this creature visit me. I get it twice a year, Fall and Spring (Jealous yet?) THIS year was a horse of a different color. This year, we had a cold early and mid spring, so June was when my personal Jabberwocky decided to target and advance to my sinus passage ways and reign terror through my head and throat. I woke up Sunday with a dry, slightly sore throat. I toughed it out and kept trudging through my day. Went to church, met a friend for some shopping and lunch, then hit the Midsommerfest in Andersonville. We had a blast! I made a new friend and we danced our bums off at the center stage as a local rando band performed poppy cover songs. By the time we left, my throat was en fuego and I could barely swallow my spit and my nose was even worse! There couldn’t possibly be enough trees on this planet to chop down and manufacture tissues quickly enough for my leaky faucet of a schnoz! As my friend drove me home, I couldn’t wait to just get home, brush my teeth, wast my face and pop half a zyrtec and just snuggle down into my cozy bed and pass OUT! Well, first off, I got home, went straight for the bottle only to reveal that it was EMPTY! I wish it were early enough and I had the energy to attempt a raid of the local Walgreen’s, but alas it twas too late. (Enters *Sad Face*) So, I drank a couple glasses of water to dilute the phlegm, popped a couple ibuprofen and went to bed so I could arise early and charge the Walgreen’s to get my drugs!

I woke up on Monday morning even worse off than Sunday. I couldn’t believe how much phlegm came out of my face when I woke up! It was ridiculous It was a dismal morning to be alive. I got ready quickly and headed to the store for my rug, possibly seemingly more desperate than a meth head. I approached the Pharmacy counter and spoke with the pharmacist to get the best stuff for my sitch. I’m convinced that I sounded like a very whiny Tina from “Bob’s Burgers”, as I explained that my face hurt with pressure, and my throat hurt and I can’t stop blowing my nose and I have a headache and I wanted to die. Basically, the same way I’d whine to my mom if she were on the other side of the counter. She gave me my stuff, and I power walked it to my office to get my glass of water and chug it down with the pill. It helped, but I was still a sorry sort. I looked and sounded bad. I forewarned my coworkers of how sexy I sounded when I blew my nose and that they better resist the urge to want to make out with me.

I was a wretched mess and knew there was NO WAY I was running with my team for our weekly run. I could just see myself attempting to run and having a search party go out for me only to find me a quarter mile down the street on the sidewalk, wilted like a piece of roadkill and all sorts of snot coming out of my face. Something troll-like out of an illustration from The Oatmeal. I had to stop by to pick something up and then go home and I eccentrically explained to my friends that I saw how I was feeling. I’m sure they were less entertained by my rant as I think they were. I got home and just laid on my bed; didn’t move, just laid there and my eyes started to burn and water. I took a photo and sent it to my friend, Ifer. I felt like I lost a fight with a MACK truck. Ifer said it didn’t even look like me. I was a sad thing to behold. I checked my temp for kicks and giggles to find that I had a low grade fever and was like, “I just can’t win, can I universe?! Thanks, Obama!”

I made myself eat something, drink more water and Gatorade, took ibuprofen and hit the pillow. Tuesday was a 60% improvement. Against all others’ judgement, I went to boxing class and ROCKED it! I wasn’t 100%, but I didn’t have a fever and I could finally breathe, but with allergy induced colds, you do NOT want to go run, the jarring to your head it unbearable! I kept pushing myself to keep up with things all week. Boxing Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday. A major webinar at my offices and all other work to keep up with. I didn’t feel my inner rock star, but I felt my mojo somewhat coming back. It took a dip again Friday, when my coughing fits started and my head just hated me like a teenage girl hates her mom, her dad, her life. I still forced myself to boxing and felt like a complete psycho being so stubborn, but it was all for the common goal of getting into that beach body ready self and I can’t let allergies side line me like that! Today is Sunday and while I’m still pretty tired and drained, I got a lot accomplished and I only have to blow my nose every half hour – HEYO Improvement! Tomorrow I return to the grind and the pavement for my first run back. We’ll see how I do with this newly oppressive heat, but I can say it feels SO good to be able to breath again without questioning if I’m going to release pieces of my brain from blowing too hard.

To end my very long description of my misery, I’ll say that I look for NOTHING in an allergy induced cold, but who truly WANTS to have one in the first place. Am I right?

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